Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!...and Birthday to me and Linc-a-doo!

At about 8:30pm on Saturday night...we dyed Easter eggs. Yep...kinda late, but we were super busy all day and the boys and I had just got back from the movie, HOP. We were in the Easter spirit! (and Yes...they are in their underwear. I will not mess up clothes for 10 minutes of Easter egg dyeing fun)

Before bunny pic.

The bunny stash....

After bunny pic! They were SUPER excited to see that they got not just one...but 2 beyblades! Little did the Easter bunny know...the boys were wanting a specific beyblade. After the bunny bought one...the bunny had to go back for more! One busy (stressed out) bunny! Anything for the Nicholson Boys!

Sitting in front of Aunt Sarah's after the church egg hunt. Seriously...have you ever seen cuter munchkins?!?

Playing in the backyard with Seth. (who, by the way, would not look at me for a picture!) Little toot. :) He must remember the good ole days when I watched him and never put my camera down. :)

Corbin showing off his beyblade. Besides when he's at school...he always has one in his pocket.

Best pic of the three...and I had to trick Seth into looking at me. :)

Slade....aka...Mr. Happy! I could just eat him up! (Even with all the drool and leftover sweet potatoes!)

This pic is almost perfect...if Aunt Michelle, Joey and Gammy would have moved! After lunch with the Nicholson/Moody's...we went home for dinner with the Corpian's.

Gagey and Lincoln eating massive blow pops.

Corbin and Lincoln. Corbin just finished his massive blow pop. (just in case you were wondering what was wrong with his mouth.)

Since our birthday was the day after Easter this year...we decided to celebrate both on Easter. Here is the birthday buddies annual pic! Lincoln is 3 and Aunt Shawna is 3-3! (This will be an annual tradition...until Lincoln is old enough to be embarrassed by it.)

Stay tuned for more....I have been taking pics lately, but have had no time to post! 2 more weeks of student teaching!

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