Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One busy Saturday morning!

Last Saturday morning was REALLY a busy one for the Nicholson crew. First off (at 8am) we headed to Gage's t-ball game.

Sliding home!

Next up was Corbin's last soccer game of the season! (9am) Thank goodness Corbin and Gage both play at the same park or we would have difficulties. :)

Lil man played hard for his last game. We are proud of our lil Titan!

Slade came to watch Corbin's last game too. (Seth and Sarah too, of course.)

Corbin was lucky enough to play soccer with his good bud from school.

RIGHT after Corbin's soccer game, we raced over to Carter's birthday party! It was super cool because it was at a real fire station! The boys got to see the firestation, where the firefighters slept and even got to see inside the ambulance, fire truck and helicopter!

LOVE Gagey in this picture. The boys are in their uniforms since the party started at 10. :)

Carter's lil sister Abby in her (or Carter's) fire truck onesie! :) So cute....Erica is cute too. ;)

Hope you had a good birthday Carter!

Stay tuned for college graduation pics!!! Hopefully I won't forget my camera! ;)

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Erica said...

I loved getting to see you! Can't wait to see pics of your graduation!! We have to celebrate soon!