Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introducing #8 of the Red Sox...Gage!

This past Saturday was Gage's first t-ball game!! Last season he was a RoughRider...this season he's on the Red Sox. Same coach and same team with a different name...and much cuter uniform if I do say so. :)

Gage is one of a small handful that can actually catch the ball...and he's got a great arm too!!!

Girls are already after Corbin....just kidding! This is a classmate of Corbin's who has a little brother that plays on the Red Sox too!

Gage's team doubled in size this season....I'm guessing because it's spring. Waiting their turn in the dugout is probably the most difficult part for this age. :)

Walking out to bat...Is he not the cutest?!?!

This year, they incorporated a catcher...don't know why, but they sure do look cute. Gage is wondering what the kid in the full gear is doing standing by him.

I just thought I would add this picture that Gage took with my camera of the Joker. I was a little nervous to let him "play" with my big camera...but I was also trying to do lessons for the next couple weeks, so I gave it a shot! He did pretty good!

Stay tuned for more pics. With Corbin playing soccer and Gage playing t-ball...I'm bound to have more.

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