Sunday, April 10, 2011

GONE (craw) FISHIN' !!

Saturday night, after all the soccer and t-ball games, we headed out to the creek for some crawfishin' fun!!

Lincoln joined us...and big shock...TOUCHED a crawfish! He got braver and braver as the night went on.
We found a group of boys catching crawfish and since they were such pro's at it...Corbin, Lincoln and Gage were mesmerized and watched the entire time!!

Lincoln kept copying everything Michael did. pic I could get of the cousins...

Next time we go catch crawfish...the boys will be much better prepared. These other boys kept catching them! Lincoln really got close at the end of the night...until I told him mommy and daddy had gone somewhere to eat these little "bugs". Before he got upset, I had to tell him I was just kidding.

My sweet little mess. (stay tuned for new haircut pics...)

My favorite pic of the night! He posed for me then said..."Let me see it!" (the camera to see the pic)

After a night of crawfishing and then ice cream...they relaxed and watched Pinnochio!! Fun times!!

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