Sunday, June 6, 2010

Super Fun (super long) Saturday!

Since Corbin had a little bit of a stomach bug on Friday morning, we decided that it was best to wait for our first trip to Hawaiian Falls on Saturday! I was really not wanting to go on a weekend...but it really wasn't that SUCCESS! We had a blast!! I took my old I have no clue why the pictures are so hazy...probably the 100 degree temperature!

So...while we were in the wave 5 year old told me "stop following me!" Umm...I wasn't expecting this for at least a few more years. He is so independent and I gave him about 10 feet of room in the wave pool to be independent. Wave pools are nerve-racking for moms...but I figure with a huge tube and life-jacket...that 10 feet of room was okay. :)

Mommy had a monster of a headache by this time, so I told them to take a break and bribed them with the "little balls" ice cream.

After the waterpark...and a nice long nap...we headed out to Sherman to watch the flattrack races. Michael didn't race, so we went as (stress-free) spectators! normally, I don't share horrible pics of myself...but I couldn't stop laughing when Corbin had taken this pic. (Gage was eating a blue ring pop, if you are wondering why he looks like a smurf) Right before Corbin snapped this picture, Gage had started to sing Usher's "OH MY GOD" song. Friggin funny...especially after I saw the look on his face... starts for me tomorrow and it's going to be a month filled with lots of early mornings and trips to Denton. Wish me luck!!! I'm taking 2 that I think I will like and the other looks dreadfully boring. So...if there are no posts in the coming month, just follow my facebook updates...there is always enough time for facebook updates. :)

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