Monday, June 14, 2010


Being a boyMOM means that you get stuck doing a lot of boy things. For was finally time for me to "go fishing". I put that in quotations because what I did was watched the boys go fishing while I caught up on my school reading for the summer. (it's neverending people!) Anyway, first we headed out to the lake to a spot Michael seemed to think was perfect for fishing. He went to this spot about 10 years ago with my little brother and figured times hadn't changed.
I don't know what is causing Corbin to stand this way...oh yeah...the unstable rocks on the huge hill we were sitting on...

A few minutes after getting to that "perfect" spot, Michael decided that it wasn't that perfect, so we headed back towards the truck which was parked approximately 10 miles away. Fyi...don't wear flip flops when hurts. Above is Gage, tired of walking. Notice I was the tail end of the walk back...I was not a happy camper with my 3 bags and flip flops...I had also tore a little hole in my skirt.

The dam. The boys LOVED that they could call it by its name.

See that little red dot? That's Corbin. Not only did we have to walk up this hill on the way to the most "perfect" spot...we also had to walk (practically fall) down this hill.

Here is Gage after the long walk..."mommy...I'm tired of walking". Ditto kid.

Super cute kid happy to be back at the truck!

yep...another super cute kid!

The most brilliant place to a pond in a community!!!

hee hee...I snapped this picture right as Corbin was wiping out....chasing ducks after we told them not to.

Gagey showing me some bait... (ew...just noticed my disgusting foot in the pic...flip flops people! bad idea!!)

The only catch of the night!!! Yea Corbin!!!
Obviously fishing wasn't the best for this boyMOM, but I enjoyed watching the boys! By the next morning, they had temperatures of 101 and Mr. Seth's strep glad they got to have a little fun beforehand!
Until next time...