Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BOYS & their TOYS!

Everyone who knows me knows my stance on the boys racing competitively, but riding just for fun around a field under the careful watchful eye of daddy...that's ok!! The boys love riding their little motorcycles...and although we have 4 little dirtbikes in the garage at the moment...only one would fit into the truck! We headed over to the field that I coached Corbin's soccer team on and off they went!!

What?!? Gage had a little trouble listening to daddy and his instructions. Imagine that. (fyi...don't look at their clothes. Daddy told them to put pants and shoes on, so no matching happened! Gage has his cowboy boots on.)

Look at the seriousness Mr. Gage has...he told Michael to make the motorcycle faster.

Corbin waiting for his turn...

Gage ticked off that his turn was over. (and mommy snapping away to capture the moment)

Most my pictures of Corbin suck...but I thought this one was pretty cute. Lil man (or should I say big man) was on 2 wheels and actually rides the motorcycle better than a regular bicycle! Awesome!

Super cute and sweaty from the ride.

Super cute and his t-shirt is super true...the ladies do love you...especially this lady.
Fun times.
SUMMER SCHOOL WEEK #1 was a success. I'm really really tired, but I like my reading class and although I'm a little nervous about the pace and having to teach a student in summer school, I think it's going to be a good experience. My other class...literary criticism...enough said.
Stay tuned!

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