Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sick boys!

About an hour after picking the boys up from school, I sat down to read them a new book we just got from the Scholastic Book Fair. (not really fair...just the order form, but I used to love the book fair!) Anyway, as we are reading I noticed that I was being heated on both sides. Gage had a temperature of 101 and Corbin's was right around 100. I didn't want to waste anytime in getting them medicine so I called the doctor and was right in within 10 minutes! (love my doctor) Got checked for H1N1 and strep...both came back negative. If the boys get much worse, I'll bring them back tomorrow. Doctor said it could either be just a virus or too early to detect the strep or flu. I am praying that they are fever free in the morning. Gage had a good day with a small fever, but Corbin was pretty icky all day. Keep my lil men in your thoughts...poor Corbin may have to miss his last soccer game. :(

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The Corpian's said...

speaking of soccer, saturday is my sisters birthday (well monday is really but we are celebrating saturday) so we can not come to that game. so, if he misses it, i wont feel so bad- hope he is better though and has a blast scoring some more GOALS!