Thursday, November 19, 2009

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving


So, everyone knows how much I love doing arts and crafts, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the boys and I have been super busy!


Toilet paper roll Pilgrims! Gagey was pretty interested in the project...Corbin called it dumb. I thought they turned out pretty cute though. There was only about a bottle of glue each used in making these things...boys don't know what "make little dots" means. :)


Okay...I know one day soon the boys are going to grow out of making handprint art, so I'm taking full advantage of it. This one is Corbin's. I used this project to try to explain what Thanksgiving is all about since I can't seem to find a book about it in the library...every one of them is checked out! I tried to explain to them that the pilgrims wanted to thank the indians for all their help by preparing a feast for them...don't think it registered as good as a book would have...but what can I do?


Poor little monkey magnet on the fridge has his work cut out this week (and next). The boys have been doing Thanksgiving activities at home and at school.


My lil' turkeys dressed up like indians!

Stay tuned...we should have a lot to post about in the coming days between daddy being on vacation, mommy being off of school, BFF Carson spending the night, and Thanksgiving of course!



The Schrobilgens said...

I love the crafts you do and you do such a great job. I wish I was crafty but that does not exist in me at all. I love the projects the boys did. Can't wait to see more!!!

Erica said...

I can't see your pictures on this post.:( I wonder whay?? Carson is sooooo looking forward to Tuesday. I should have waited to tell him I guess, because he cries every morning when he realizes that it is not next Tuesday! He is so ready!

Chelsi said...

I can't see them either!! I think I will be able to see them at homw......maybe the school's server is blocking them??