Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Review of our Week

Lincoln....Aunt Shawna is very sad that you won't be a couple miles away anymore. Please don't forget her or your favorite cousins! We love you and will miss you!(even though you'll only be in The Colony)

Lincoln came by this week to play for a bit. It's probably the eyes...but Gage and Lincoln look a lot alike in this picture.

Corbin and Gage love playing in Seth's playpen. Lately they have been trying to put anything and everything in it. Goofballs!


Gagey has been really enjoying playing with his babies lately. Last night he asked Michael if they could sleep with him. I thought it would just be an oppurtunity for him to play and not go to sleep...but here is how I found him before going to bed myself. :)

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The Corpian's said...

We aren't moving to another state! Its right up the road :) Any when we get our house- it should be a little closer, depending on where that is. And ya'll aren't gonna live there forever!