Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"P" is for Parks and Picture-Taking...

No one can start a day full of fun without a little snack first...

~First...we went to Celebration Park to play!

Corbin on the see saw...I was on the other side bouncing him.

2 out of 3 looking at the camera is a major accomplishment!

Gagey on the motorcycle(and Seth waiting for me to put him on the horse)

Wee!...and yes..I ALMOST got kicked in the face. :)

Sethie cracking up!

I think Gage was saying "whoa"

Here the boys are thinking about their next move...

~After Celebration park...we ran through Wendy's and took our lunch to the "duck"park in Mckinney and had a lunch picnic.

Sweet boys holding hands...

Gagey-pagey is a little nervous sitting in the tree.

Sethie-toot striking a pose!

King Corbin
You can't really read it, but his shirt says:
3 Things I'm good at:
1. Being cute
2. Being in CHARGE
3. Being a Trouble-maker.
(I think the shirt was specifically made for him)

Sweet brothers

By this time...they were all sick and tired of pictures....
But they had a blast! Thank goodness for good weather! :)

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