Friday, February 13, 2009

Gettin' in the Valentine Spirit!

The kiddos and I have been celebrating Valentines Day all week. Since they don't go to any school to celebrate and do activities...I did some with them all week and they LOVED it!

Here is a week's worth of arts and crafts to celebrate the holiday!

We baked cookies this morning...just in time for snack! :)

We blew up a billion balloons to throw and bounce around!

Seth is the only one that dressed the part. :)

After cookies, we headed to the Allen Shopping Center playground to burn off our sugar rush!
Here is Corbin peering out of one of the miniature house windows!

Gagey running through the grassy maze! Big hit with the boys!

After the park...we headed to Wendy's for lunch!
Fun-filled and energy-filled week! Hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day!

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Erica said...

What cute crafts! Some of your craftiness needs to rub off on me! That is a cool maze! We need to go there sometime!