Saturday, August 23, 2008


Corbin Michael hanging out after swimming...

"Monkey Munch" (looks gross, but tastes good)

Gage Thomas "truckin" around

This is the weekend before mommy's classes start and daddy is out of town, so we're hanging around the house, just relaxing. The weekend started on Friday when we went to Gammy's house and mommy's car decided to "break". By break, I mean the engine decided to blow. We had smoke coming from under the hood all through The Colony. We also got pulled over by the police for speeding, but after mommy got done yelling at the cop about the car being a danger to her children...he let us go! Gammy took us home and spent the night and we're hanging around the house today, swimming and playing. Mommy also decided to try out a snack from her favorite show on TLC (Jon&Kate plus 8), so after lunch we made some "Monkey Munch." Yum Yum.

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