Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At the skate park...

Just this past weekend, Michael and Gage had discovered the skate Corbin and I headed over with them yesterday to see what all the fuss was about.

I quickly figured out that this was a REAL skate park. For some reason, I figured it was going to be like a sidewalk trail in a hidden part of the city. I was wrong. There were a bunch of bigger kids flying around on scooters, bikes and rollerblades. By flying...I mean doing tricks mid-air and flipping around. Scared me to death...especially since my wee little ones were in the middle of it!

Corbin is the cautious one. He rode around carefully sporting his flip flops.

Gage cautious? Not so much. He wanted to ride around in this thing. (fyi...random kid got in my pic)

Off Gage went. He whizzed around the empty swimming pool thing, only needing help out at the end. :)

Corbin riding around...

Now since Gage is my little daredevil...and the kids 10+ years older than him were jumping off things...he decided to give it a try. Not too bad this time around!

...and then, in true Gage fashion...the next time was a COMPLETE.FAIL. He tried to stop or something at the last minute...and went straight down, face first.

Little man had a big boo-boo. Mommy and Daddy felt horrible and are now currently looking for a new and better sized helmet for our little Evel Knievel.

Stay tuned for school pics!

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