Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Okay...it's my own fault for not checking my camera battery before we left...but these couple pictures are the ONLY ones I got of Halloween. Unfortuneatly, it was after part of Corbin's costume had been broken and after Gage decided not to wear the Ghostbusting pack thingy on his back that I decided to snap a picture. Corbin turned out looking more like a burglar than a ninja...

...and thank goodness Gage had the Ghostbuster emblem, or he would have looked like a prisoner of some sort. :) The boys were happy either way...so that is all that matters!
After the above pic...my camera died.

I got out my iphone for the next couple pics. We were invited to a Halloween party this year, and here is my favorite pic of the night! Look at Gage and all the kiddos reacting to Corbin's friends dad. (yep...confusing, but not using names!) ;)

So sweet! Happy Halloween ya'll!

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