Sunday, October 16, 2011

Special...Super...Seven-Year-Old! (& Spooky Party!)

Corbin is 7 years old.I have a 7 year old baby (if that makes sense) who is starting to read chapter books, and who can do math in his head that I still need my fingers for. He's growing up. He's not a baby...but he's still and always will be MY baby. ;)

Above is a picture taken the day after his birthday with his classroom mascot, Corduroy. He needed a picture for his classroom journal and brought along a birthday present for the pic too. I'm hoping his teacher doesn't mind that it's a gun. (She is a fellow boy mom.)

Since his birthday fell on a Saturday, we booked his party for the same day! It was at a park right next to our house! Above is a picture of the goody bag I made special to the occasion.

He wanted a Halloween-themed party. He invited about 30 friends, so I needed a quick and inexpensive treat...and what 7 year old boy doesn't like something that says "Poop" on it?!?
Marshmallows (ghost poop) and Choco Chips (bat droppings) AWESOME!

He also wanted to rent a bounce house...and it was a HUGE hit!!! (Nevermind the major drama of the stupid thing deflating twice with kids inside...ugh)

My two favorite people in the whole world sporting their Halloween wear. :) Corbin was the best birthday boy, playing with all his friends and being super nice to his lil brother.

Corbin insists on cookie cake. :)

I also grabbed some fall themed cupcakes for the kids who like them instead! :)

One of the calmer moments in the bounce house.


Gammy and Lincoln

Seth and Gage


(I have other pics of other party kids, but I don't like putting them on the blog unless they are close friends and family)

The annual birthday pic of Corbin with his birthday buddy, Carson. (I need to find all of them from every year and do a post on that!)


Presents!! We waited to open presents when we got home so the kiddos could all play at the party!

Hangin out with friends!

My favorite pic! I didn't get that many pics at the party and many didn't turn out thanks to the bouncing in the bounce house! :)

Corbin with some of his loot! (and Corduroy) Corbin had an AWESOME time!

Happy Birthday Baby...I mean BIG BOY! Mom loves you! XOXOX

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