Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ornaments & Angels

I could never have one of those HGTV Christmas trees...because I really really love making homemade Christmas ornaments...and the boys even love them more! We made some ornaments yesterday that I thought I would share! (Although I helped quite a bit on the angels...the boys pretty much did the trees on their own.)

Speaking of of my favorites came over for a visit! photogenic is this kid?!?! (excuse the horrible lighting...ugh)
He LOVES playing with the boys and can now say GAGE...even though it sounds a little more like "DAY-JUH" So sweet. Every time I tried to get him to say Shawna....
Me: "Lincoln...(pointing at myself)...say Shawna"
Lincoln: ....(nothing)
Me: Say Shawna!
Lincoln: "ha ha ha ha ha"

It's a work in progress...

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