Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nicholson/Moody Family Christmas

Tonight was the Nicholson Family Christmas at the Moody household. Fun times were had by all. We had a Mexican dinner this year again... Yummy tamales and enchiladas. This will also be a Christmas to remember thanks to Aunt Shawna's gift to Seth! (You'll see why at the end of the post)
This was at the beginning of the night. Gage pushed Seth and Seth pushed back causing Gage to bonk his head. Mimi came to the rescue, but Seth was already trying to make Gagey feel better.

Next the boys all played hide and seek with Pop. Here they are hiding from Corbin.

Pop had some connections and was able to get Santa Claus himself to call the boys up from Pop's cell phone! When Pop told the boys who was on the phone, Gage immediately yelled "I love you Santa!" They had quite a big conversation with Santa.

After dinner it was time for presents. Gagey was pretty excited about his Trio building blocks from Mimi and Pop and also loved his Scribble and Write from Sarah.

The picture I took of Corbin opening his Wii Mario Kart was awful, so here is one of him and Gage playing his new game from Mimi & Pop. Immediately after this game, he played his Cars game (Leapster) from Aunt Sarah.

Sethie got a Finding Nemo DVD from us and also I got him a hamster in a ball. This isn't a Zhu Zhu pet, but it got awesome reviews on the internet, so I got it! One of the reviews I read actually said that the hamster was a hit, but to be careful because it can get caught in hair...This is when this Christmas became one that won't be forgotten...LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO AUNT SARAH!!

Yep, Seth tried to make the hamster run through mommy's hair and it immediately got caught! Sarah is laughing in case you are wondering, but Seth and Gage thought she was crying and immediately got freaked out! She cried out "HELP Shawna!" to me but I was laughing so hard I couldn't get it Shawn and Mimi took over! Hilarious.

P.S. I need to get to much to do and I'm sitting here blogging! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Tomorrow is Santa and the Corpian Family Christmas, so I'll be posting more soon! :)

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The Schrobilgens said...

That is so AWESOME! Now I will be sure to take warnings and such on these toys seriously! Have a great Christmas and can't wait to see more pictures!