Monday, March 16, 2009

The Zoo Crew!

Today the boys and I headed out to meet some friends at the Ft. Worth Zoo! Erica & her gang, and Chelsi & her gang. As you scroll through the pictures, you'll notice that I got very few pictures of eye contact with the camera...these were some very busy boys the whole trip!!! Speaking of busy....DON'T GO TO THE ZOO DURING SPRING BREAK...unless you love mass chaos. ;)

My grumpy lil man....Gage took a minute or so to warm up.

Lunchtime....Gagey taking some slurps of powerade and Emma munching on Cheetos. (Notice how I said Emma...This could possibly be Ella, but I see no bird poop on her dress or bandaids so I may be right on this one!) Yes...poor Ella got pooped on during lunch by a did our stroller.

Sweet Corbin and Carson....such good little buddies

Sandbox time! Carson, Corbin and Gage during one of their calmer moments. :)

Lil' Crocodile Hunter

Poor Caden...he looks completely miserable in this picture, but I wanted to add it because I wanted to let his mommy see how hard he was trying to smile for the picture. (Erica..I think you have to enlarge it to actually see his expression) Anyway, for anyone who doesn't know my good friend, Erica's, first born son...he's the one holding Gagey.

Zoo Crew (from left to right):
Carter, Emma, Clint, Colt, Ella, Caden, Gage & Corbin. Carson is behind the Zoo Crew with his hands in the air...funny boy!

The zoo trip was fun for the kids and completely exhausting for the adults.....overall a good start to our spring break! Thanks for inviting us~

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Erica said...

Love this post! Too cute! I'm glad that you got some cute pics. Since my battery went dead,I got very few! Y'all have a fun day tomorrow. We have a plumber coming in the morning, and after that I'm not sure what we'll do! Fun times! : )