Friday, March 13, 2009

Rainy Day Activities!

Since going outside was out of the question today...mommy decided that busy work was the best way to go! First, we painted suncatchers, even though there was no sun in the sky! (If you're wondering about the no shirt thing...the paint said it would stain clothes!)

Corbin chose a monkey...he's very serious about his painting!

Gagey chose a dog...he was very seriously making me nervous...this wasn't washable paint!

Next we created sun visors (or "golf hats like Mimi" according to Gage and Corbin)...again, there was no sun in the sky...I guess we were just wishful thinking!

Corbin's finished product....

Gagey's finished product... I LOVE this pic for some reason. :)

Sethie wasn't here today to join in on the fun...but we got him a hat anyway. He can decorate his after spring break!
Mommy is on spring break now, but even though she has TONS of homework to do..we'll still do some fun things! Stay tuned...

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