Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daddy's Motorcycle Crash...and BOO BOO

The little people standing on top of the hill are the boys.

Normally I wouldn't post such a horrible pic of myself, but I wanted everyone to see how crappy I looked after my husband flew off a motorcycle and into a fence.

Poor Daddy in the ER.

Okay, this was a very long and busy weekend. It started out with a long Friday because of Halloween. That was the best part. Saturday and Sunday, Michael had flattrack races ALL DAY. Saturday we got home late, and woke up first thing Sunday morning for more racing. Gage and Corbin insisted on going on Sunday, so off we went. Well during practice, Michael's motorcycle decided it didn't want to work properly and off the track he went into a fence. The actual wreck was out of my sight range and all of a sudden I noticed that all the motorcycles were stopping and Michael wasn't coming back to the pits. Tommy, his dad is the first to run and help when someone gets hurt too, so I thought it was probably someone else. I WAS WRONG! Michael broke his collar bone and was shipped off in the ambulance, with me and the boys following close behind. He got an arm splint and some pain medicine and will see the orthopedic doctor tomorrow. What a weekend. I attached some pics of my day.


Erica said...

OMG!! I am so sorry! I know today had to be sooo stressful for all of you! I hope Michael gets to feeling better soon! How long will his recovery be?? xoxoxo Erica

Carter's mommy said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that! I hope he feels better soon!

The Corpian's said...

Sunday is Family Fun Day! or not so much- broken bones will heal- atleast everybody is safe!