Sunday, November 23, 2008

Broken Bow, OK Camping Trip

Lookout Lodge-our cabin was really pretty, but a little small for all of us!

Corbin and Gage in the GIANT bathtub

Corbin and Dakota were inseparable all weekend.

Pop building the fire with Blane's help

Dakota inside a tree on our nature hike.
Gagey in some pretty leaves on our nature hike

Monkey Gagey hanging from a tree!

Corbin and Pop-Corbin was not in the picture-taking mood.

Gagey going down a slide

Mimi and all her boys at the state park anyone who knows me would know I'm anything but a nature girl. Going camping this weekend proved that, but the boys had a blast...and that is all that matters! We stayed in a really nice cabin with Mimi & Pop, Uncle Shawn, Aunt Sarah, Seth, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Larry, Dakota and Blane. It was crowded, but the boys had fun playing together. Word of advice...don't go camping with a bunch of little boys when it's freezing cold outside!!


Sarah said...

Well, it sounds like the planner (me) did a horrible job with the time and place so I will be sure and leave that up to someone else next time. :) We had a great time seeing everyone. I need the picture of my mom and the boys. I didn't have my camera at the time.

The Corpian's said...

We love those cabins. I definitely want to go back, once Lincoln is older, with yall. Good times to be had by all! haha

Nicole said...

Hey there Shawna!!!
Your boys are so adorable. Auntie Karen passed on the link to mom and it is so neat. What a great idea. I must also say I had to smile a bit when you stated you went camping :) Hope you are doing well, it has been so long since we have seen each other or talked. You'll have to come north sometime!

Erica said...

What fun! That looks like a really neat tub! Looks like y'all made great memories! I want to see you over the Christmas break!

Daffernia said...

You might have enjoyed lot with the boys on your camping trip...