Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Very LONG Saturday

Today was a long, fun-filled day for us. Corbin and Gage spent the night at Gammy's house on Friday night so mommy could wake up first thing in the morning and go take a test for school. After that mommy came to Gammy's and everyone played and ate some lunch with Gammy and Uncle Jared for a little while before heading out to Arlington for Carson and Caden's birthday parties! We all played at PUMP IT UP in Arlington....even MOMMY! Corbin was very happy to see his BFF Carson, that Gage couldn't keep up with the bigger boys, so mommy played with Gage on all the bouncy slides. Mommy figured out that she is getting old and was worn out after the first couple bounce houses. When we finally got home at around 7:30, daddy and Pop were getting home from the races and unloading stuff, so we didn't have dinner until 8:30. AFter dinner while daddy was in the shower...Gage snuck in and did his own you can see from the above picture! He used the nice and sticky hair gel too!! Let's just say after this post....we'll be doing a late bathtime!

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Erica said...

What a cutie! Thanks a million for making the drive! I wish that I got to talk to you more at the parties! At least I will see you again for Corbin's big day next weekend! By the way...what does he want?? You missed the drama after the party...someone stole my nephew's Nintendo DS and 9 games inside the case!!