Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Lil Pumpkins...and their pumpkins!

"Spooning" out the pumpkins seeds.

The day has finally come to carve pumpkins! The boys have been asking and asking when they were going to "do pumpkins" ever since we started seeing them around all the stores. They finally got to pick out two pumpkins today and were so excited to get started on making them. When I cut the tops off, and told them to pull all the pumpkins seeds out....they got out spoons and refused to get their hands dirty...which is so unlike him! I couldn't believe it! I did finally get Corbin to stick his hand in and pull some out, but only one time! It's so weird because they are completely willing to get dirty in any other situation! They were proud when when we lit them you can see from the pics above.

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Erica said...

I need you to come assist in our pumpkin carving! I'm not sure that we are going to get around to it this year!