Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1 Well Visit + 7 Shots = 3 MAD BOYS!

Corbin wanted to take off his shorts so he could see his bandaids.

Seth and his bandaid. (Notice the sucker mess on his shirt!)

Poor Gage. He didn't want to see his bandaid.

Today was Corbin's 4 year well visit to the doctor. I found out that he's 34 pounds and a little over 40 inches tall...which means he's tall and skinny, like his daddy! I also found out including the flu shot, he was getting a total number of 5 shots today!!! If that wasn't stress enough, Gage was getting his flu shot, and since we already had Seth there...he was getting his also! 3 boys and 7 shots!! Boy...did I want to take a flying leap out the window! After each of them got their shots, I was able to comfort them for a few seconds and then I had the nurse give them their sugar-free lollipops! Let's just say I've given about 20 hugs today and 500 kisses...and it's not even lunchtime! :) Here are some pics of the little guys when we got home! When we got home...Corbin said "mommy...I guess I don't like the doctor anymore." Poor Corbin. Gage says he can't walk... and Seth...well Seth was perfectly content...and sticky from the sucker. :)


Erica said...

How sad! : ( What a trooper you are!! I am not looking forward to flu shots, and I haven't even scheduled Carson's well check! I guess I need to get around to doing that!

Carter's mommy said...

Wow-that looks like an adventure- you are brave!