Sunday, June 3, 2012

Goodbye School Year...Hello Summer!!!

 Okay...before summer officially begins...I want to reflect on the past year and I think I should probably do that because I have posted very very little. So here goes...

(A pre-summer visit to the Fairview Fountain)

Here is a picture of Corbin on his last day of 1st grade...and Gage on his last day of kindergarten. They look so grown up. :( With all the changes that happened this past year...the boys have handled it amazing! Love these boys and how much they've grown this past year.

We had the priviledge of having Mrs. Hall as a kindergarten teacher for the second year in a row!! Corbin loved her last year and I think Gage loved her even more this year!! It's hard to believe that both my babies are reading and writing now and we owe a lot of that to Mrs. Hall!!

Corbin's teacher this year was Mrs. Young. He had an absolute blast in her class this much so that Gage handpicked her for 1st grade next year!! Depending on mommy's work situation this next year, Gage just might get his wish...and mom would have no complaints! I had the priviledge of working with Mrs. Young and the other 1st grade teachers at Marion this year and they are an awesome group of people!!!

I've been really lucky this year in that I have been able to see the boys all during the day and even have them in PE at the same time a couple times. These kiddos may fight like cats and dogs at home...but they get along like "peas and carrots" at school...which warms my heart. Gage loved when Corbin would come "help" mom in the gym with his "HELP A TEACHER" tickets.

Speaking of PE...I have absolutely LOVED working with these ladies this year. I'm not going to lie...I was a little nervous when my principal called me and told me that I would be part-time in PE. Okay...really nervous, but I was lucky to meet some super special and lifelong friends in these 3 ladies and if new oppurtunities arise this summer...I am going to miss them SO SO MUCH!!! I had an absolute blast this year with them...and no matter what happens... "TEAM BOMBDIGGITY 4EVER!"

**I know the posts have been few and far between...but keep checking back! ***

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