Monday, January 23, 2012

Reasons Why I Stink at Posting...

#1: I don't know how to take an action shot picture...and these boys are NEVER still.

#2- They REFUSE to smile. I have to take surprise pics.

#3- The pictures turn out really goofy when they try to stop me from taking it. (fyi...Im pretty sure my shadow is mixed in with the pole next to me...I got a big laugh out of this pic!)

#4- They try to dodge out of the pic.

#5- The lighting is never right and I don't know how to work my camera. Even blurry though...this kid is pretty darn cute.

#6- The fake smile.

#7- The "get the camera out of my face" look.

#7- Action shot and camera dodge put together doesn't make for a good pic.

#8- Another bad action shot...but had to capture them being loving sweet brothers. ;)

#9- ALMOST got him this time.

#10- So many reasons to stop posting on this blog...but I'm going to try to hold out until the end of the year...or maybe summer. These kids are so dang cute I want to show them off a bit longer! :)

Until next time...and who knows when that might be. ;)

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