Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imagination & Creativity

Yes...although the boys love their video games and toys, they also love playing and doing things a little out of the ordinary!! For example... Playing in the kitchen cabinets. (above) They both have their own secret little space to call their own in the kitchen.

Michael has this plastic cart thingy...and I caught the boys in the backyard racing each other around in what did I do?

I suggested they get on concrete so they can go a little faster! (Look at Gage riding... so cute and having a ball!)

The boys also like dressing up and since I threw out all their old costumes (they grew out of), they had a blast playing in some Lincoln brought over this weekend! Red Spiderman is Lincoln...Black Spiderman is Gage. Corbin pretended to be Harry since these were the only costumes...such imagination!

Love these boys!

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