Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish Tales!

Today, after I got home from staff development (which was great by the way), I came home to the boys and Michael getting the fishing poles ready. Since the weather for the past couple days has been perfect...it was time to go fishin!

So cute!! Of course...he wasn't the most patient fisherman.

...a couple minutes later...here he is celebrating his first catch!!

Poor first catch.

What?!?! (I figured tonight was as good time as any to get a blog post done...I've been stinking at posting lately)

Corbin's first catch!

Gage would not go near the fish. Corbin was much more brave. He also told me "hurry up and take the picture...the fish is dying!!"

If you look REALLY REALLY closely...you can see the fish. ;)

Now...my favorite story of the night. Corbin decided to walk off from his fishing pole...and a fish literally took off with the pole! Michael had to fish and find the pole out of the bottom of the pond. Hilarious!

He wouldn't touch a fish...but a worm is okay?!? Ew. Gotta love being a boyMOM.

Until next time...and who knows when that will be.

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Erica said...

What fun!! Carson wishes he was fishing with y'all instead of watching his big bro play football tonight!! Glad your staff development was good, and glad we got our b-day buds parties figured out!! :)