Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Days & Cold Days Projects!!

The snowfall came down hard this last weekend, so since snow doesn't last long around here...we took full advantage and played in the snow!! I didn't get many pictures because it kept drizzling. I wasn't willing to ruin my camera!

A look down the street. This was the day after the first snowfall. (aka the day after we slid into the ditch due to the ice and snowfall)

Gage didn't want his picture taken, so I was lucky to get a couple of Corbin.

Since it was so cold, the boys had to get creative with all the indoor play time. I walked into the playroom a couple days ago...and saw this. Gage informed me that he was playing "Home Depot."

Since the Home Depot game didn't last that long...we also decided to create some art...or jewelry. :) I went to my favorite place, Hobby Lobby, and got a dog tag jewelry kit for kids.

We made A LOT of dog tag jewelry!!!

Gage didn't know I was taking a picture of him and the necklace. :)

Until next time...

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