Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gage's 1st Day of Pre-K!

Today was Gagey's first day of school! He wasn't the happiest camper about going...but he did let me take some pics before leaving. I wanted to take my camera to the school too...but because of the hurricane that flew through North Texas, I chose to leave it at home.

He wanted to show off his backpack and lunch box. I think Gage was most excited about not having nap time at school. He has a lot of separation anxiety, and although he cried when we left him, the teachers said he did a great job the rest of the day.

I picked him up after school and he told me about his whole day! (he's been waiting to get the spotlight since big brother went to school) He had lots of fun and played Nascar with a little girl. He's learning Spanish and doing all sort of other fun things in his class! I found out today too that he has a little boy in his class that has a mommy who graduated high school with me! Small world. Even crazier part is that she has 2 boys...and her youngest is named Gage and her oldest is Cole Michael. (I, as you know, have a Corbin Michael.) Craziness! :)

Overall, he had a great first day. I think the next few times will probably be a rough start leaving mommy or daddy...but I'm really hoping he'll get more excited and happy to be there.

On another note....

Corbin has been watching his teacher write with a dry-erase marker a lot lately...and he even has a little whiteboard and dry erase marker at his desk. Today, Michael found him decorating one of my frames with a sharpie. You should have seen his face when he tried to wipe it off. Michael thought I would flip my lid...but I LOVE my newly decorated frame. I'm leaving it the way it is too.

Until next time...

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