Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th!

It's sort of a tradition we headed over to Aunt Sarah's to celebrate the 4th of July with barbeque (and fish fry) and of course, WATER PLAY! Above is Corbin about to take the plunge and below are a few pics of Gagey and Seth!

Corbin is getting much more brave around water...if you can't tell!

Sethie toot modeling the t-shirt Aunt Shawna got him. Of course, there were no sizes available for anyone Seth got to be the most festive! (Corbin & Gage still had the patriotic colors though!)

"Mama's Boy" just like the shirt says...

...every year we have a cake for Mimi's birthday on the 4th.

I decided this year to let the boys make their own cream sundaes! Here is Mr. Corbin's!

Then came the sparklers and firecrackers!...
Gage was pretty safe... was Corbin!

Sethie burned his toes! Of course, Gage and Corbin had practice the night before at Mimi & Pops!

Gagey and Seth in their matching shorts!

Precious boy. Corbin really enjoyed the firecrackers Michael got. He's pretty excited to try out some more, but we thought we would wait to do them when the police weren't out on full force trying to write up tickets. :)

After Sarah's we headed to Red, White and Boom! and watched fireworks, but I didn't get any pictures because I couldn't figure out my camera. :(

Overall a great day & night!!!

Last week of summer school!! Hoping to be able to post more! :)