Friday, June 19, 2009

Family-Filled Friday!

Tonight was a busy night! First we went to watch Corbin at his last day of Vacation Bible School!

Corbin loves that he was invited again this year by Aunt Sarah and was so excited to go every night by himself! I think it gave the boys the much needed break away from each other. Of course Gage asked about Corbin every 2 minutes they were apart. :) Speaking of the lil devil...

Gagey LOVED the music at VBS...he joined right in with all the kids!

Lil man CUT.A.RUG!

Corbin with his name sticker on. :) He followed the teachers with all the dance steps and movements...

Sweet boy. :)

After VBS, we went and had dinner at Uncle Julios with Mimi, Pop, Shawn, Sarah and Seth.

Gagey wasn't finished he found a platform!

LOVE this one. Classic Gage face. (he was upset because I wouldn't let him jump from the platform thing...Pop offered help, and Gage was not having it! )

Sethie saw the other boys jumping... he joined in!

Corbin had complete control (as usual) of the buzzer! Of course we had to wait for over an hour for a table! The boys were nuts by the time the buzzer finally went off and I was in desperate need of a margarita!

I think I finished it in about 5 minutes! :)
Thanks Aunt Sarah for inviting Corbin to Bible School this year!!

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