Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Things San Antonio!!

A few weeks ago, Michael and I decided that it was time to take a family trip. This was our first family trip together, at least where it was just our family, so we wanted it to be somewhere special that the boys would love and that wouldn't be too far away. Anyone with small children knows that they don't like to be stuck in the car for too long! We didn't even get out of Dallas before Gage was saying "This is takin' too long!!" Anyway, we headed off to San Antonio Thursday morning.

By Thursday afternoon, we were at the Alamo! We showed up 15 minutes before it closed...perfect timing...and considering that the boys have no idea what the Alamo was, 15 minutes was plenty of time!

Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep them from touching anything?!? (You aren't even allowed to touch the building, let alone anything inside)

After the Alamo, we headed across the street to the Riverwalk. Of course, we had to take the boat tour. Corbin was upset because the boat didn't take off like a speedboat, and Gagey asked me when we were going to get off the boat about 2 minutes into the 30 minute ride.

Oh Gagey...he was mad because he couldn't stand right next to this water fountain. Anyone who knows Gagey knows that I would have been pulling him out of the water. Thursday was a lot of fun and exhausting, but that was just the first day of our trip. I had no idea what exhaustion was until the second day! :)

Friday was Sea World!! We got there right when it opened and went straight to the dolphin tank to feed the dolphins!! Gage wanted nothing to do with the dolphins, but Corbin fed them!! Very cute. He was a little nervous, but he loved it!

Shamu's Happy Harbor was fun for the boys, considering it was the only area they were tall enough to do anything. :)

Since Corbin was barely tall enough to ride one of the rides...I took him on it. This ride goes really high (around 100 feet) and then turns you around to go down a couple hills backwards and then you turn around again to go down a really big hill (think SplashWaterFalls at Six Flags) Anyway, Corbin was such a big boy on this ride...didn't cry once or even scream! He was super excited to go on it and when we were at the bottom he told me "Mommy! Don't EVER let me do that again!!" (of course he was smiling and laughing, but I will NEVER forget his little face on that ride!!)

Enjoying a Shamu ice cream bar before the big show!

Gage wanted NOTHING to do with taking could have been because it was hot out, or because he was too busy...but I think it was the NO NAP for the past couple days. :)

Shamu Shot!

Shamu show...we went to all the big shows, but I was way too busy watching them to care about taking pictures! The boys, especially Gage, L.O.V.E.D the shows! He danced, clapped, and laughed out loud...and never took his eyes off the action! It was sweet and I wished I would have gotten a shot, but there way way too much going on! :)

Corbin enjoying some popcorn before the final show before we left :)
We had a great time on our first family trip! Sorry I didn't get more pictures, but I was probably as excited as they were on our trip so I wasn't in the picture taking mood! (which was fine, because either were they)


The Corpian's said...

Fun, I cant wait to take Lincoln to do that stuff, he's gotta be able to walk on his own for long periods of time first though :)

Erica said...

I love the pictures! It looks like the boys loved San Antone!!

Wright Family said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast!!! the won!!! Email me and we will figure everything out :)