Sunday, September 7, 2008

Definition of Trouble....GAGE!

"LOOK WHAT I DID CORBIN!" the boys were being really quiet and I knew something had to be up...and boy was I right!! First I checked the playroom and Corbin was playing nicely and quietly there....but where was Gage? I saw the bathroom light on and two little feet sitting on the floor. I took a peak in and what did I see??? Gage covering himself in shampoo...."washing his hair!" He wasn't undressed or even wet for that matter, but he was covered from head to toe in shampoo. So was the bathroom....I took some pics. (FYI...the boys helped clean up their playroom tonight so it doesn't always look like a tornado went through it!)

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Carter's mommy said...

That's is TOO funny! That is a story that you will laugh about for years!