Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade & Kindergarten!

The first day of school came way too quick! I can't believe that I have two boys in school now!! Where has the time gone?!? Anyway, the boys were up and ready to roll in the morning. Both were really excited!

Corbin refused to wear a nice "dress" shirt for the first day of school. He picked this one out all by himself! Corbin has a really nice 1st grade teacher. Her room is all decked out in a Cowboy/Mustang cute! He has 3 friends from his kindergarten class in his class this he's in heaven!

Look at my baby! I had a REALLY hard time last year when Corbin started school, but an even harder time this year...because Gage is almost a full year younger than Corbin was when he started. He didn't cry when I left him in his classroom! I cried the minute I hit the hallway. :(

The first 2 days were tear free. He had a little trouble this morning, but when I picked him up, he was all smiles!!

Kindergarten starts out with a temporary homeroom for the first week of school, so we find out his permanent homeroom on Friday! We are pretty sure it's going to be Corbin's kinder teacher...but we'll see and let ya know! ;)

Gage's Perry Backpack and lunchbox!

New backpack...same theme! Corbin went with Transformers again this year!

Hope the rest of the week goes well!! They are grumpy...but seem pretty happy...if that makes sense!

Until next time.

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