Friday, June 3, 2011

Bittersweet... I'm having both happy and sad emotions about today...It's my first babies' last day of kindergarten. I now have to say I have a first grader!!!! I'm not ready...wondering if his teacher will hold him back. :(

Here he is...headed to his first day of kindergarten.

And here he is...headed to his LAST day of kindergarten. (in terrible need of a haircut, too)

His last day with his kindergarten teacher. (We have already pretty much begged her to take the next Nicholson kindergartener too!) ;)

Corbin LOVES his teacher, so we wanted to get her something not only to thank her for being such a great teacher...but also because her birthday is this weekend! Corbin got her a bag (from custoMOM), a beach towel, cool glass, and a flower cookie...and a hand-made card. We also got her baby daughter a cute sippy cup and rubber duck. :)

We are going to miss Mrs. H...but hopefully a certain little brother will get lucky and get in her class!

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