Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today was Corbin's 2nd soccer game!

Lincoln, Michelle and Gammy came to cheer him on!

Of course Gage came...and he had a blast playing with Corbin's friends' little brother!

Corbin is #2 of the Titans! (the TALL one!)

Mimi, Pop, Shawn, Sarah, Seth and Slade all came to watch too!! Gagey LOVES Slade!

Corbin was able to play "POINT?" a few times today and give the ball a good kick!

Is he not the cutest?

Gagey got some one-on-one time with Slade.

Seth showing his muscles!

Gage loves Slade...and Slade obviously loves Gage. :) Super cute!

Although the Titans lost this time around, the boys all had a blast (on and off the field). Stay tuned for more pics of Corbin and his soccer...and Gage and his t-ball!!!

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