Friday, February 4, 2011


Holy snowhill Batman!!! What is going on in TX?!? This is our second huge amount of snowfall this season! We missed 4 days of school this week!!!!! We had horrible cabin fever today so we decided to go see Yogi Bear and then venture out to play in the the park!!!

You will notice that there are way more pictures of Gage than Corbin. Reason? Corbin would not stay still for 2 seconds! He was throwing all sorts of snowballs!

Thought I would add a pretty picture of the park. :)

Isn't this a cute face? Gagey was in awe of all the snow!

Be careful lil man...super slippery!!!

Sweetest and happiest boy! Notice the gap on the top of his smile?? He has a super duper loose upper tooth (actually both are) I have a feeling that one next to the gap will be gone very very soon. Expect some major posting! (I think the two front teeth missing are the cutest pics!!)

Kickin' it...well the snow. ;)

Watching in awe again...snow is a big deal around here!

Me: "Corbin, don't throw snow at Gage!"
Corbin: "I won't!!!"
My Incredible Hulk...or Mr. Incredible.

One more pic of the park....

Guess who was the FIRST to fall down?... fyi, it was his second fall of the day :)

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