Sunday, July 20, 2008

More pics from the beach!

Seth listening to Corbin's musical skills

ha ha ha ha...Shawn and Mimi

Captain (Corbin) Hook

Gagey loved sand more than water

Me and Gagey

Me, Corbin, Aunt Sarah, and Sethie-Poo

Seth, Corbin and Mimi

Corbin with his mouth full!

Rainforest Cafe

here are more pics from our big beach vacation. The boys had so much fun!! I especially love the pic of Sheryl and Shawn cleaning the fish. For anyone who doesn't know my brother-in-law, he LOVES to fish, and I think he may need counseling. As for the other pics, the boys had a ball and I just realized that my concealer doesn't match my new tan anymore!! Seth also loves the harmonica! Corbin also has a new love of pirates!

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